Some areas of, such as any area in which you may wish to pay a fine, require that you submit sensitive personal information to our web server. Such information might include your name, address and credit card information. In an effort to safeguard your information against unauthorized viewing and theft, we use an encryption technology known as "SSL." An SSL connection is established between your computer and our web server any time you visit an area of the site at which your personal information will be collected if you voluntarily provide it (e.g., when you pay a fine). As long as this connection remains in place, no one can read the information traveling between your computer and our web server.

Whenever you direct your web browser to one of the above mentioned areas, you will notice that a lock icon appears in your browser window (typically in the bottom right corner), which indicates that any communication between your computer and our web server is encrypted and difficult to intercept. Your personal information is as safe as is reasonably possible while in transit to our web server.

For your security, is a DigiCert secure site. Our SSL certificate, which provides the encryption routines for the secure transmission of data from your computer to our web server (and verifies our web site’s identity), is provided by DigiCert. By trusting the certificate, you implicitly trust its issuer, as well as the web server on which the certificate is installed. If you do not trust DigiCert then we suggest that you do not enter your payment details on this web site.

You can view the details of the SSL certificate at any time by double clicking the lock icon in your browser.