Automated Red Light Enforcement Program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Red Light Violation

There are two (2) types of Red Light Violations:

What if I am already in the intersection when the light turns red?

If you entered the intersection when the light was green or yellow, you will not receive a "Notice of Violation or Liability." It is legal to clear the intersection if the light turns red while you are still in the intersection.

What if I was not driving at the time of the recorded violation? Do I still have to pay the ticket?

Under Illinois State Law, the registered owner (or the lessee) of a vehicle is liable for any automated traffic law violations that occur. It does not matter who is driving the car (unless the vehicle had been reported stolen prior to the time of violation – see "Defenses" listed below).

What if the car was a rental?

Under the law, the person(s) designated as the driver of the vehicle on the rental or lease agreement is responsible for any assigned violations during the rental/lease period.

How much is the fine?

The fine is $100.00 for each violation.

How much time do I have to pay?

You must either pay the fine or contest the violation by the date listed on the front of the Right Light Violation Notice.

How can I pay the fine?

You can pay online at, in person at the Municipal Building in the City or Township where the violation occurred, or by mailing the citation and your check or money order to the address listed on the Violation Notice. You may also pay by phone by calling (877) 262-3318 and selecting the payment option when prompted. Business hours are: Monday - Friday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm (excluding legal holidays). Accepted forms of payment include: Electronic Check and Credit Card.

If I pay the fine, will this go against my driving record?

No. A violation under Illinois law is not a criminal violation, therefore, it will not affect your driving record or insurance rates (it is similar to a parking ticket).

What if I want to contest the Violation Notice? How much time do I have?

You may contest the Violation Notice by mail or in-person. To contest by mail, the registered owner of the vehicle (or the lessee of record) must clearly state one of the defenses listed below and send proof of the defense; an administrative hearing officer will determine whether you have met the burden of proof or whether you must pay the fine.

To contest in-person, you must check the box next to the "In-Person Hearing" option on the return envelope and on the "Notice of Violation/Liability Stub"; return the citation stub in the self addressed envelope; and, appear for an administrative hearing at the date and time indicated on the front of the Notice (the location of the hearing can be found on the back of the Notice).

You must contest by the "Contest By" date found on the front of your Violation Notice.

What are the defenses to a Red Light Violation?

The defenses to a Red Light Violation are listed below:

Note: If you are the lessor of the vehicle, you have sixty (60) calendar days from the violation notice date to supply the information required.

What happens if I forgot to pay the fine by the "Pay By" date or forgot to contest by the "Contest By" date?

Failure to respond in a timely manner is an admission of liability. Therefore you will be required to pay the initial fine of $100.00 and a penalty of $100.00 for a total of $200.00. Failure to respond may also result in a suspension of the driving privileges of the registered owner or lessee of the vehicle.

Can I make installment payments?

Payment of the fine (and any penalty) must be paid in full.

Can I contest the fine after I have already made payment?

No you can not. Once you have paid the fine, it is considered an admission of liability.

Can I see the images of my vehicle online?

Yes. Your vehicle was captured by photo-enforcement cameras. You may view the images of your vehicle by going to Once there, enter your ticket number and follow the directions as they appear. If you don’t have your ticket number, you may still view the vehicle images by entering the license plate number of the registered vehicle and last name of the registered owner.

What if I have other questions that were not answered here?

You may call toll free 1-877-262-3318 or 1-877-262-3356 if you are hearing impaired.